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History of Rig AD-2

The Rig AD-2 was newly acquired in 2010. The 1800HP AC VFD Rig AD-2, assembled and integrated with USA NOV ADS-10SD Drawworks, TDS-11 SA Top Drive and other critical components and parts manufactured in the USA, is an ideal high-ambient DBS rig.

The Rig AD-2 was constructed under Rig Engineering Team and Lloyd’s Inspection Team in 2010 at Hong Hua Yard, Chengdu, China.

Rig AD-2 is a brand-new DBS and is fully controlled AC VFD Electric Drive system that processes high performances:

  • Excellent Operation Performance
  • Higher Automation Degree
  • AC Motor’s Features of Wide Speed Range
  • High Torque Output at Zero Speed
  • Higher Safety Performances / Higher Electric Power Factor
  • Less Requirement for Power Unit
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Simplified Mechanical Transmission with less Components Maintenance Work
  • Equipped with Joystick & Touch Screen
  • Driller can monitor all Systems Status of the Rig
  • Perfect Rig Information System, Drilling Parameter Display and Record, Video Monitor System, Rig Interior Communication System

Additionally, Rig AD-2 has skidding or walking system and can drill cluster wells extended to 30M continuously. The Rig AD-2 arrived at Mann oil field in Myanmar in 2011, and was fully commissioned and tested by OEM specialists and surveyors. The rig also was certified by Lloyd’s Register in July 2011. Rig AD-2 drilled three Exploration Wells (MDE-1, SPHE-1ST and DM-5) by MPRL E&P Pte Ltd. and APICO Khorat Ltd. commencing 2011 to 2015.