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MPRL E&P Group of Companies, made up of 13 companies, is a group predominantly focused on the energy sector of Myanmar with companies that have synergies within the entire upstream, mid-stream, and downstream energy value chain. As the leader in the energy sector, privately owned and independently operated by a Myanmar national, MPRL E&P is proud to be a local operator and explorer of long-term sustainable source of energy to drive the development of the nation.

Among these 13 companies, Asia Drilling Pte Ltd. was established in 2007 with the intention to become the first privately owned international drilling company, specializing in the oil & gas industry in Myanmar. Our core values reflect MPRL E&P’s commitment to conducting business to the highest standards of ethics, legitimacy, and transparency, guided by a clear sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Every year, our dedication to promoting a safety-first culture continues with safe drilling practices implementing our fit-for-purpose rigs for our customers. We ensure to provide a long-term relationship with our customers and partners and work together to achieve the best solutions that exceed expectations.

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