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Asia Drilling Pte Ltd. is a drilling services contractor based in Myanmar since 2007, providing a wide range of drilling services for the oil and gas industry for exploration and production needs. Our company is focused on offering flexible and cost-effective solutions for onshore and offshore drilling and completion in Asia and the Far East. As a responsible business operator, we are committed to operating in a safe workplace environment while consistently providing a high level of satisfaction and value addition to all our customers and business partners.

The Management team is composed of professionals who have experience in international drilling as contractors, operators, and service providers. The team is also supported by the experienced professionals from MPRL E&P Group of Companies.

Throughout all of its drilling operations, including mobilization and demobilization activities, Asia Drilling Pte Ltd. has maintained an impeccable safety record with zero LTIs and LTAs. This achievement is a result of our unwavering commitment to promoting a safety culture at all levels of our organization and the entire Management team.

Strengthening these excellent records, our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries, zero incidents, and zero near-misses throughout each and every operation, without any harm to people or the environment.

We are operating with two of its unique drilling rigs, AD-1 and AD-2, currently located in Myanmar.

Certified & Surveyed by Lloyd's Register
2011 Commissioning & Certification by Lloyd's ( Rig AD-2 )
Member of the International Association Of Drilling Constrctors Since 2009
2007 Refurbishment & Certification By Lloyd's (Rig AD-1)